Do you know the conditions to get bad credit loans in India?

When you've bad credit, it appears as though it comes to haunt you at the most inconvenient times. Whether you have monthly bills or your house need to repair, getting a loan is not easy. What are the conditions for getting poor credit loans in India?

In the previous post, Info Credit Free introduces individuals to a few of the necessary information that is helpful for getting the personal loans in India, to obtain more information people can read the article There are a lot of types of unsecured loans in India to choose. Now, let find knowledge about bad credit loans in India in the post today.


Just like a lot of article posts for example unsecured personal loans bad credit, small loans online, unsecured loans for those who have bad credit, loans for poor credit history… this post about poor credit loans also includes some main parts. They're:

1. Some types of poor credit loans in India you are able to choose

1.1. Loan from NBFCs

Non-bank financial companies (NBFC) provide loans and tolerance on eligibility criteria, so even a slightly lower credit score can be ignored. Credibility is not a strict criterion for NBFC and therefore, it is easy to borrow from them, although at higher interest rates.

1.2. Secured Loan

Secured loans require collateral for lenders before lending. Collateral plays a role in securing lenders and lowering the risk of debt default of borrowers. In the event of insolvency, lenders possess the to confiscate assets and recover fees by auctioning them.

Because lenders have been in a safe position, creditworthiness may not be a big factor while avoiding lending, making it simpler for people with low credit ratings to receive unsecured loans.

1.3. Apply having a guarantor or co-signer

Although you've got a low credit rating, you might have a friend with a high score and it is prepared to behave as a guarantor or a co-signer for that loan. There's a guarantor or co-signer who basically has a trusted person for you personally. In case you don't do so, the lending company can recover the fees from the sponsor or even the co-signer.

Since the lender is receiving assurance in the guarantor the loan is going to be repaid, won hesitated to issue the borrowed funds. This is often a really easy method of getting a fined individual.

2. Some advantages and disadvantages of poor credit loans in India

2.1. The benefits of poor credit loans in India

  • Borrowers are not concerned about their credit history (poor credit or bad credit or no credit history)
  • Quick loan approval
  • Can help people who have a bad credit history in improving their credit
  • Borrowers can get considerable amounts of money

2.2. The drawbacks of bad credit loans in India

  • High-interest rate
  • Easy to find unscrupulous lenders
  • Stringent terms and conditions
  • Easy to cripple individuals without financial discipline

3. The eye rate and costs of bad credit loans in India

Maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) 10.99% to 22%
A representative example:
  • Total amount you borrow: Rs. 1 Lakh
  • Time period: Twelve months to 60 months
  • Personal Loan Rate of interest: 10.99% to 22%
  • Processing Fee payable: As much as Rs. 2,000
  • Fee payable to MyLoanCare: NIL
  • Total Monthly Cost – From Rs. 2,174 for any month’s Rs. 1 Lakh loan at 10.99% (lowest rate, longest time period) to Rs. 9,359 for a 12 months Rs. 1 Lakh loan at 22% (highest rate, shortest period of time). This is including principal repayment.
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR) including all applicable fees: 10.99% to 22%
  • Total cost payable over loan tenure: Rs. 14,313 for 12 months loan to Rs. 32,424 for 5 years loan